BBC Philharmonic

Deutsche Oper Berlin

Photo: Bettina Stöß




 "Performances earlier in the weekend were executed with precision, but were not memorable. That changed Sunday afternoon when Moritz Gnann, the orchestra’s assistant conductor, took the podium."

[...] Gnann had complete control over the shape and color of the opening movement, the softness of the A helping to evoke the quiet of the forest which Mahler augmented with bird calls, offstage trumpet fanfares, and horn melodies. [...]

As the work progressed, Gnann’s attention to detail became apparent. He masterfully weaved the threads of Mahler’s music, allowing parts rarely heard clearly, such as those from the harp and bass drum, albeit played softly, to contribute to the sonority."

Concert Review by Seth Arenstein

Deutsche Oper Berlin




Photos of Moritz Gnann with the BSO, by Hilary Scott
Portraits by Enric Duch

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